Top 25 and Jace vs. Vraska Foil Update 3-12-2014

The Magic Top 25 was updated this past week to include recent tournaments and events. The most notable of events was without a doubt the Grand Prix in Richmond with a record turnout of over 4,300 players. Even in all the popularity at least 3 professional players found themselves in the Top 8 of GP Richmond. This speaks to the talent of professional players and there ability to overcome great numbers in competitive play. As for changes in the ladder we didn’t really see much movement in the Top 8 of the 25 best players. Changes came around the 11th place spot where Alexander Hayne moved out Standislav Cifka. The top players remained at their current spots with Jeremy Dezani holding on to first place with Reid Duke Owen, Turtenwald, Ben Stark and Tom Martell trying to close in.

Wizards also gave us a mini update on the Jace vs. Vraska Duel Deck. There was a custom foiling style mentioned when the Duel Deck was first talked about, today we get a look at the white layer or “shiny” party of the foil cards. Below you can see side by side comparisons of the original card next to its white layer companion. Duel Decks, Jace vs. Vraska is set to hit store shelves on 3/14/2014 look for it at your local TCG shop or you can click the image and use the amazon link to order if online.