Theros Spoilers 9-8-2013

Here are the Theros Spoilers for September 8th, 2013. Steam Augury looks to be a pretty fun card since its an instant and not a sorcery. Casting this right before your turn is going to be pretty nice. On the other hand casting Psychic Intrusion on your turn is going to be fun. At first this card looks mediocre but it has some big parts to it. First of all you can go thru your opponents hand or graveyard. So right off the bat you can see their hand. Next you can either take a great card from their hand that they need, or take on you need. Plus even if its late game and they have no cards you can use a card in their graveyard. Finally this card doesn’t make you cast the exiled card on that same turn. You can save it for the next turn and its casting cost is just colorless mana equal to its converted mana cost.