Theros Spoilers 9-3-2013

Here are today’s Theros spoilers. The first card is Nighthowler which is going to be fun real fast. You can pair this with zombie decks, or other horror creature decks. Next we have a Pyxis of Pandemonium for all those players that want to mix things up a bit. This card allows you to exile the top card from all libraries each turn. Then you can pay 7 and all those cards exiled are put onto the battlefield. Im looking forward to some great combo decks with this. Master of Waves is a much needed answer to merfolk decks. My problem is it should of giving +1/+1 to all elemental and merfolk creature. Either-way you get to put x 2/1 elemental creatures onto the battlefield where x is your devotion to blue. Todays last spoiler is Battlewise Hoplite. This guy is a nice 2/2 human soldier for just wu and you can scry and put a +1/+1 counter on him whenever you cast a spell on him. I see him being pretty useful to some soldier decks that use blue for counters. Those are todays spoilers so far keep coming back for more spoilers daily.

Edit 2 – Purpohoros’ Emissary was added. Its basically like Viashino Runner but an enchantment as well. gonna be great or bad depending on if someone has “destroy target enchantment” spells.