Theros Spoilers 9-11-2013

Here are the Theros Spoilers for September 11th, 2013. A new type of card, the ordeals, has come out. Each color seems to have one version and it gives +1 +1 counters and another extra feature which can be very useful. The next major card is the Agent of the Fates which has deathtouch and whenever a spell is cast upon it all opponents sac a creature. Prognostic Sphinx is a new flying, hexproof creature, that gives you scry 3 when it attacks. The nice part is you just need to attack and not deal combat damage to an opponent. Fabeled Hero is like the agenst of the fates but you get a +1/+1 counter every time a spell is cast on him. The last major card in this set would be the Soldier of the Pantheon which gives you 1 life every time an opponent casts a multicolored spell.


Update 1 – Anger of the gods is reds new go to damage card. Direct damage decks have just become stronger.