Theros Spoilers 9-10-2013

Here are the Theros Spoilers for September 9th, 2013. Today is a big update for both blue and black. First of all you have swan song and dissolve. Dissolve which is this blocks version of cancel but it also gives you the ability to scry. Swan on the other hand counters any enchantment, instant, or sorcery, and only costs one. While it might suck you need to give your opponent a 2/2 flying creature. For only one cost and the ability to cancel most major items for a deck, its worth it. Black also got the Whip of Erebos. All creatures have lifelink and you can start bringing your creatures back to live for only 4 mana. The other card to note is the Akroan Horse. This card goes into control under a different opponent, and on your upkeep, you and all other players not in control of the Akroan Horse get a 1/1 white solider. Its going to be a mean card if played right.