Theros Spoilers 8-27-2013

Here are the latest MTG Theros spoilers for August 27th, 2013. So yea this is a huge update and we have to go over every card in this reveal as they all are pretty awesome.

– To start we have anthousa setesssan hero. The new green legendary creature. All you need to do is start buffing this creature and you can attack with a bunch of 2/2 lands. The sucky part is now your lands can die. So turn 6 you can deal 10 damage, but you can also lose those nice lands.


– Next we have Ember Swallower. This guy is pretty awesome when you buff him to a 7/8 creatures on turn 7. Also if he manages to die you can destroy 3 lands of yours and your opponents. This will be another great card for land destro decks as we haven’t had any in awhile.


– Thirdly we have the new flying demon card for black called Abhorrent Overlord. This guy is going to make Liliana of the Dark Realms players so much more powerful. Just throw this guy out and create an armory of 1/1 token flying harpies. Its going to be doing a lot of damage. Plus he is a 6/6 flyer.


– The fourth reveal is the blue Shipbreaker Kraken. This guy is going to be a 10/10 on turn 8 if you are just putting lands down. This awesome part is when you do buff him you get to tap 4 of your opponents creatures as long as he is alive. That is going to be a fun damage card.


– The second to last is Celestial Archon. This card allows you to either bring out a 4/4 flying first strike creature, or spend 7 and buff a creature with flying, first strike, and +4/+4. This is my least favorite of all the cards in this reveal as its damage just doesnt seem high enough nor does its buff.

– Finally we have the new Legendary Enchantment Creature God, Thassa, God of the Sea. This card starts off being only 3 to get out for an indestructible creature. You must wait until you have 5 blue mana on the board before you can turn her into a creature. Next you get to scry one card, which means you can look at the next card you are going to be drawing on your next turn. Finally the big one is you can spend 2 mana and make any creature un-blockable you decide. This card is going to be awesome for green blue decks that want to do a ton of damage with one large mob.

That is it for today’s reveal for Theros. Keep coming back everyday for more contests, reveals, and all other MTG related things.

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