Q) What does NM-Mint Mean?
A_ NM-Mint means Near Mint to Mint for the cards quality. Almost every card we carry is in perfect or near perfect condition and the difference from NM to Mint is very small so we sell it as the same price. Foil NM-Mint is the same thing but a foil version of that particular card.


Q) How do i tell if an item is in stock?
A) Just select the item/card from either the category page or product page and if it says we have cards in stock for NM-Mints, Foil NM-Mints, or in other lower qualities then we are selling that card. The amounts that do not concern you when purchasing cards is the Sell us Your NM-Mint or Foil NM-Mint part. That is the price and amount of the cards we are purchasing. Another way to know is if the value is negative we probably arent buying that card.


Q) How do I track my order?
A) Just click the order tracking link at the top of the page and insert either your billing email or order ID. This will state your order information. Where can see if its being processed or is shipped.


Q) What payments types are accepted?
A) We like to use google for all our payment processing needs. This gives you access to using you most every major type of payment processor out there. From debit cards, credit cards, and the every easy google wallet system. We are working on setting up a way to purchase using bitcoins too. We have decided not to directly accept paypal from the way they have treated multiple charitable organizations, start up fund sites, and the overall lack of respect towards online merchants vs online customers. We strive for the best customer experience we can, and we feel paypal does not fit that.


Q) How do I know my credit card information is safe?
A) All credit card information is only used when you access the google merchant area. Your credit card information is never stored or used on our side. We do this to give an extra amount of security to you. We also keep our site constantly updated and secure to keep your name and email address safe.




Q) How to tell we are buying the cards you want to sell?
A) We try to keep a good amount of cards in stock so we are always buying cards from the cheapest to the most expensive. All you have to do is select the Sell to us NM Mint or NM Foil From the purchasing options. If there is a number amount there then we are currently purchasing it. If it says out of stock we are not looking for that card. Remember the out of stock is for when you click the sell to us options. If we are out of stock of a card then we most likely are willing to buy it.


Q) How do you determine prices for buying?
A) We try to get our prices from multiple sites. This includes major online card stores, TCG prices, and amazon prices. Amazon is normally out key prices and we attempt to stay competitive there.


Q) The card I want to sell is not listed, or my cards quality is not shown.
A) We have an easy to use live chat system at the top and if we are not there we are always quick to reply back. So just send us a message telling what the quality or name of the card is and we can see if we are currently purchasing it.


Q) How do you determine prices for selling?
A) We wanted to do a flat rate across the board for the majority of cards. So we give a flat 70%-75% on all cards.


Q) Why do you charge a 25% markup on selling/buying.
A) The first is on our part. Which includes the time to sort cards, update the site, creating the site, shipping cards, taxes, storage, and the fact we dont know how long it will take for cards to sell as the market is always changing.
Aa) Secondly if you tried to sell a card by yourself you would deal with multiple parts. Trying amazon or ebay you have selling fees, scammers, shipping fees, end of sale closing fees, credit cards fees, and other erroneous fees association with selling, shipping, and using those sites. With stores you tend to have a 50%-60% trade in which we are better than. Finally trying other sites like craigslist or 3rd party trading sites, you will deal with lots of scammers, people being slow on shipping cards, and people sending you cards below the quality they where advertised in. With us you eliminate all those problems, save for shipping depending on your order size.


Q) How do I go about using your selling system?
A)Option A – Selling and Buying at the Same Time<
– With this method you find all the cards you want to sell to us and all the cards you want to buy and hit order.
– You will need to pay the remaining balance you have left (Your total must always be positive when doing this method)
– Next you ship your cards you are selling to us.
– Once we receive your cards we will ship your cards to you.
– While this method might take a day or two longer, its great for members wanting to pay only a small amount.
Option B – Selling and Buying within two weeks
– Create both a separate buy and sell order.
– Process them both.
– Pay the full amount on the buy order.
– We will instantly ship out your cards.
– You now have two weeks to get your cards to us which is pretty easy. We are lax on this rule so if you are a day or two late we will still process your order but if we get your cards in 3-4 weeks later we will not honor the trade in. If you are worried about your cards getting there, then just get a free delivery confirmation from USPS when you create your postage labels via their app online. In fact we recommend you do this, but its not a requirement.



GEO Cache

Q) How do you select where you put geocaches?
A) We like the outdoors and we tend to randomly put our geocaches when we are out exploring nature. Playing magic while camping is a great experience.


Q) How do you treat nature when doing geocaches?
A) We start out by trying to use geocaches that have already been used. Secondly we try to keep them out of any protected ecological environments. Finally we make sure every few months to remove, move, or refill our geocaches. We look at our geocaches as a way to get MTG players to get free stuff, for going out and supporting the outdoors. Also who doesnt love a treasure hunt?


Q) How do i find a geocache?
A) First start out by buying or renting your own GPS unit. They are pretty cheap to rent at local outdoors stores. However a GPS unit is not a requirement. Most of our geocaches are right on the trails peopel go on all the time. We even include pictures to help. So if you take those photos with you (save them on your phone as you might not have internet access) you can find these packs too.


Q) What should i do if i find a MTGArmory Geocache?
A) If you find one of our geocaches be sure to post a picture of you finding it on geocache post for that particular geocache. This will let us go put out a new geocache and make sure no one wastes time going for a geocache that is empty.



Card Sorting, Searching, & Finding

Q) What is the easiest way to find a specific card that i know the name?
A) Just type that card into the top search area and our predictive search will pop up its name. Click that card and be taken quickly to its page.


Q) Whats the easiest way to find a card type? For example im after online black and blue cards from m14.
A) This is a awesome feature we have. We have taken the time to by hand add every card. This is because cards are more easily sorted for your enjoyment. Just go to the M14 page and then using the drop down on the right side of the page select either blue, blue, or dimir(black and blue). This will quickly only show the cards you are after.


Q) What if I want to find only the current standard set cards for red?
A) If you are after searches of that sort we recommend using a 3rd party that is specifically for that. We recommend using the official major the gathering website which has an in depth search feature. While we give users a great way to find cards they want, when it comes in depth deck building without specific cards in mind, we think its best to use other sites until we create something we feel is adequate.


Q) Any other tricks for finding cards?
A) Well you can always click show as gallery on any set or subset page. This will show those cards in an easy to follow gallery format. So you can find gatecrash enchantments then have it display them by images.