Small Conspiracy and Set Completion Update 2-15-2014

In a small update today we have added the current image for Cogwork Librarian which can be seen above. As well, we have confirmation that the Conspiracy set will be taking place lore wise on a specific plane which has yet to be revealed. In a question to Mark Rosewater, the current head designer for Magic: The Gathering, a user asked:

“On which plane (if any) does Conspiracy take place?”
He Replied,
“While I am not yet at liberty to tell which plane, I will say that the set does take place on a specific plane.”

Don’t forget to check back for more updates to Conspiracy as they come out! Also wanted to let everyone know the front page card sets are complete and full pricing should be in shortly. Any card set not seen on the front is close to completion and will be posted as they are finished. Thanks!