Pro Tour Born of the Gods Update 2-24-2014

With the Pro Tour Born of the Gods now complete we tip our hats to Canadian Shaun McLaren for winning the number 1 spot. The final Top 8 matchup came between McLaren (W/U/R) and Jacob Wilson (Bl/G/W). Mclaren is a 25 year old magic player who primary plays Magic: The Gathering: Online and had his first entry into a modern pro tour. It was a heated match up as the games could have gone either way, McLaren was actually down 2 game to 1 in the start. The noted plays of the evening seemed to include McLarens use of Ajani Vengeant to land sweep Wilson, and the use of control cards against Wilsons ramp up. Tomorrow we will feature a deck from one of these two players.

In a smaller note Wizards has trademarked ‘Dragons Of Tarkir’ and ‘Khans Of Tarkir’ as well as obtained the respected domains. While we hope this could be a hint at new card sets , Wizards has a slew of other brands that could include these phrases. We will update this as we get more information. Thanks again and check back!