Magic 2015 Pro Tour Qualifying Season Information Released 2-18-2014

Today Wizards has released Qualifier information for the Magic 2015 Pro Tour and information on where the final event will be held. In addition to the standard PTQ events this season Wizards will also be holding qualifier events on Magic: The Gathering: Online. This year the Magic 2015 Pro Tour is set to be held in Portland, Oregon from 8/1-8/3/2014. If you follow the Pro Tour or wish to compete then this is information you are going to want to remember.

Official Store PTQ Info Link: Click!
Official Magic: Online Info Link: Click!

The local Magic TCG shops will be hosting Pro Tour Qualifier events starting 3/15/2014 and run until 6/1/2014. Formats include Swiss style match ups with a Top 8 Draft. The winners of the Top 8 in each store will receive the usual invites to the Pro Tour Magic 2015 event. It is worth noting that due to the release of Journey Into Nyx in May, stores hosting qualifier events will include the set cards. Good Luck and check back for more updates!