Grand Prix Paris Results Update 2-22-2014

In a small update , Wizards has released a statement regarding the decision to change the standings of the Grand Prix in Paris. The statement came in two parts as Wizards also needed to make a ruling in a match involving Jurado Gibert. Gilbert was disqualified after a Game Rules Violation on turn 15 of his match up and therefore had to give his 8th place spot to Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa who came in 9th.

The bigger decision of the night was during the final match up in which Javier Dominguez misplayed a Brainstorm and only replaced one of the required two cards. The event was caught on camera and widely talked about in on media sites regarding the issue. The difference here in cases is that nobody noticed Dominguez misplay the Brainstorm during the match. It was only after watching the footage that it was caught. Head judge Riccardo Tessitori and the team investing the issue have ruled the infraction accidental. Dominguez will only receive a mark on his record for the misplay. As for the standings of the tournament, Dominguez still comes out with the champion spot. The only changes came as mentioned earlier to the 8th place position. Thanks again and check back for updates!