Grand Prix Paris Results Under Examination 2-17-2014

As an update to yesterdays post which can be viewed here, we have a bit of drama out of the Grand Prix in Paris where Javier Dominguez and Maxime Gilleste battled it out in the Top 8. The speculated issue was in the final matchup where Javier Dominguez played a Brainstorm (Allows you to draw 3 cards and replace 2 of the 3 on the deck) and after some though, only replaced one card and not the second. There are multiple amounts of footage from the Grand Pix matchup that show this particular event happen as well as a wide thread going on reddit discussing the topic. The only comment we have from Wizards is stated on their site:

“Results from Grand Prix Paris are under re-examination. Update to follow.”

We will follow this event closely and give an update when available.