From the Vault: Annihilation Announced 2-9-2014

It’s always exciting to get news of a new set , no matter how small. Today Wizards of the Coast announced the new From the Vault: Annihilation set.

From Wizards:
Harness the savage power of fifteen of the most brutal Magic cards ever unleashed. These limited-edition, black-bordered superweapons are legal in many tournament formats. Sweep the battlefield clean with this powerful arsenal and blast the opposition into oblivion.

This set will introduce to players 15 new premium foil cards – 6 with new art and a special From the Vault: Annihilation “foiling style”.

Additionally players will receive:

  • An exclusive “Spindown™ ” life counter.
  • A collector’s guide.

Wizards has also stated that From the Vault: Annihilation will be English only, and have a very limited print. All cards are placed on the traditional black border and legal for tournament play, of course the original card must be allowed in the specific tournament format.

  • Mutpowr

    To buy or not to buy……