From The Vault 20 Spoilers – 7-21-2013

Wizards just announced the big From the Vault 20 set spoilers and its a big one. It has to start one of the best cards ever, the planeswalker jace. This card alone normally goes for 300-800 depending on the quality and if it is a foil. The card is not alone. Multiple amazing reprints are back. Check more out below. Also all these cards are legal in tournament format as long as the original was/is legal in the tournament you are playing. The sad part is these sets are going to be going for a few hundred since there will be a limited supply and these cards are pretty great. Look for more info in the next few days/weeks for the full list.

  • gianna

    Best FTV i have seen yet. Man i wish wotc did a lottery to win these too.