Friday Night Magic Promo Cards Updated 3-19-2014

We have added the upcoming promo cards for Friday Night Magic events held at local hobby shops. As a reminder the current promo card for March 2014 is Banisher Priest, which can be seen in the group below. Also in the lineup we have the cards for April and May 2014 in order. Encroaching Wastes, a land destruction card, was seen in Core Set Magic 2014 as well as the previous card Banisher Priest which acted as creature control. Finally added today we have the card for May which comes from the Theros block , Tormented Hero. Tormented Hero comes equipped with a Heroic mechanic allowing you to gain life while your opponents lose it if you cast a spell on Tormented Hero. The low mana cost on tormented hero and his high power make him a good choice, unfortunately he also comes into the battlefield tapped. Again all promo cards are *mostly from previous sets and are just modified art. The cards below are in order for March, April and May 2014.