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Theros Spoilers 9-15-2013 Part 4

Here are the Theros Spoilers for September 15th, 2013 Part 4. Today’s part 4 reveal has all the remaining green colored Theros spoilers in it. The key card to look at in this spoiler set would be Nemesis of Mortals. It gives you the ability to cast this 5/5 creature for 2 mana, and then turn it into a 10/10 for 2 green mana again. It is dependent on the amount of creature cards in your graveyard. Hello zombie Golgari colored decks.

Theros Spoilers 9-13-2013

Here are the Theros Spoilers for September 13th, 2013. The best hydra card i have even seen has been released. A xg, haste, and can’t be countered hydra. Plus this card has protection from blue. Its pretty much up there with a Tarma IMO. Next you have the centaur battlemaster, which gets insanely buff quickly. Turn 5 get him out, turn 6 cast a spell on him and now he is that spell and a 6/6 creature. Going to be a fun combo with him in standard decks.

Theros Spoilers 9-11-2013

Here are the Theros Spoilers for September 11th, 2013. A new type of card, the ordeals, has come out. Each color seems to have one version and it gives +1 +1 counters and another extra feature which can be very useful. The next major card is the Agent of the Fates which has deathtouch and whenever a spell is cast upon it all opponents sac a creature. Prognostic Sphinx is a new flying, hexproof creature, that gives you scry 3 when it attacks. The nice part is you just need to attack and not deal combat damage to an opponent. Fabeled Hero is like the agenst of the fates but you get a +1/+1 counter every time a spell is cast on him. The last major card in this set would be the Soldier of the Pantheon which gives you 1 life every time an opponent casts a multicolored spell.


Update 1 – Anger of the gods is reds new go to damage card. Direct damage decks have just become stronger.

Theros Spoilers 9-10-2013

Here are the Theros Spoilers for September 9th, 2013. Today is a big update for both blue and black. First of all you have swan song and dissolve. Dissolve which is this blocks version of cancel but it also gives you the ability to scry. Swan on the other hand counters any enchantment, instant, or sorcery, and only costs one. While it might suck you need to give your opponent a 2/2 flying creature. For only one cost and the ability to cancel most major items for a deck, its worth it. Black also got the Whip of Erebos. All creatures have lifelink and you can start bringing your creatures back to live for only 4 mana. The other card to note is the Akroan Horse. This card goes into control under a different opponent, and on your upkeep, you and all other players not in control of the Akroan Horse get a 1/1 white solider. Its going to be a mean card if played right.

Theros Spoilers 9-9-2013

Here are the Theros Spoilers for September 9th, 2013. Ashen Rider is going to have some nice combos with any spells that removes a creature until end of combat from the game. Hero’s Downfall is finally a strong creature and planeswalker removal card that black has been asking for awhile. Hythonia the Cruel is going to be a great way for a board wipe with black. Boon Satyr is an aweseom card for being 4/2, an ability to make another creature get +4/2 instead, and it has flash on top of all that. Going to be a mean early game green card. Finally Spear of Heliod is a great defense Artifact to keep opponents from attacking you.

Theros Spoilers 9-8-2013

Here are the Theros Spoilers for September 8th, 2013. Steam Augury looks to be a pretty fun card since its an instant and not a sorcery. Casting this right before your turn is going to be pretty nice. On the other hand casting Psychic Intrusion on your turn is going to be fun. At first this card looks mediocre but it has some big parts to it. First of all you can go thru your opponents hand or graveyard. So right off the bat you can see their hand. Next you can either take a great card from their hand that they need, or take on you need. Plus even if its late game and they have no cards you can use a card in their graveyard. Finally this card doesn’t make you cast the exiled card on that same turn. You can save it for the next turn and its casting cost is just colorless mana equal to its converted mana cost.

Theros Spoilers 9-6-2013

Here are the Theros Spoilers for September 6th, 2013. The new lands have finally been revealed. The scry ability sounds fun for these, but overall usefulness seems rather low (except for standard). The prophet of Kruphix is going to be a fun one, but it seems to be one mana cost too high from being amazing. Reaper of the wild looks to be the best gorgon released in awhile. Scry, deathtouch, and hexproof all for reasonable mana costs. This is going to be a fun one for golgari players.

Theros Spoilers 9-4-2013

Here are today’s Theros spoilers for September 5th 2013. The big ones today are going to be the new RG planeswalker, which reminds me, why are we getting so many rg new planeswalkers anyways? This guy ult lets you exile your next 7 cards off of your library then put any creature/lands onto the battlefield. Pretty great card with all the scry cards in Theros. Next we have a super dragon that can become a 7/7 flying protetion from white with haste. Its going to start dealing a lot of damage quickly. There are some new nymphs and a magma jet card in there too. Keep checking back for more theros spoilers.

Theros Spoilers 9-3-2013

Here are today’s Theros spoilers. The first card is Nighthowler which is going to be fun real fast. You can pair this with zombie decks, or other horror creature decks. Next we have a Pyxis of Pandemonium for all those players that want to mix things up a bit. This card allows you to exile the top card from all libraries each turn. Then you can pay 7 and all those cards exiled are put onto the battlefield. Im looking forward to some great combo decks with this. Master of Waves is a much needed answer to merfolk decks. My problem is it should of giving +1/+1 to all elemental and merfolk creature. Either-way you get to put x 2/1 elemental creatures onto the battlefield where x is your devotion to blue. Todays last spoiler is Battlewise Hoplite. This guy is a nice 2/2 human soldier for just wu and you can scry and put a +1/+1 counter on him whenever you cast a spell on him. I see him being pretty useful to some soldier decks that use blue for counters. Those are todays spoilers so far keep coming back for more spoilers daily.

Edit 2 – Purpohoros’ Emissary was added. Its basically like Viashino Runner but an enchantment as well. gonna be great or bad depending on if someone has “destroy target enchantment” spells.

Theros Spoilers 9-2-2013 Part 2

Here are Theros Spoilers 9-2-2013 Part 2. Another set of cards have been revealed and one is especially good. This card is Sylvan Caryatid. Its 2 mana for a hexproof defender that can give you any color to your mana pool. Its this blocks birds of paradise IMO. Also another amazing god card has come out.

Theros Spoilers 9-2-2013

Here are September 2nd, 2013 spoilers for Theros. Noteworthy cards will be the Artisan of Forms allowing you to have a living clone on the battlefield. Hundred handed one that can block up to 99 creatures, and finally the new god card Heliod, God of the Sun. This card is pretty great for its low casting cost and you can start pumping out mini creatures quickly.

Theros Spoilers 8-31-2013

Another big Theros update on spoilers was revealed at this years pax prime. We got a ton of new cards for you to check out. Some of the more noteworthy ones would have to be the new Green god creature, the new land card, and the new white planeswalker released. This is an awesome update and it makes me want to start making a new white and green deck with all these awesome theros cards.

Theros Spoilers 8-30-2013

Here are today’s Spoilers for Theros on 8-30-2013. This is a big update, not in terms of the amount of cards, but in how great these 3 cards announced are going to be.

THOUGHTSEIZE was finally announced and its in Theros. For those unfamiliar with this card, its one of the strongest cards in the game for its low cast and evil ability. Just imaging have 4 of this card in your deck and you can use it turn 1 before anyone really can counter it. Now you can stunt their early game, ruin their late game, or decide another plan based on their whole hand available for you to view.


Next we have Medomai The Ageless which is a crazy unique creature. Basically if you can deal combat damage to a player you get an extra turn. Its like timevault the creature. This card should be pretty big one release too.


The final big release is the Bow of Nylea. This gives all your creatures deathtouch when attacking, which is awesome for token or elf decks. Plus you can spend 2 mana and give +1/+1 to a creature, or deal 2 damage to a flying creature, or gain 3 life or finally put four cards from your graveyard to your library. The options with this card are pretty big and it only costs 3 mc to get out. Today is a good day in magic.

Theros Spoilers 8-27-2013

Here are the latest MTG Theros spoilers for August 27th, 2013. So yea this is a huge update and we have to go over every card in this reveal as they all are pretty awesome.

– To start we have anthousa setesssan hero. The new green legendary creature. All you need to do is start buffing this creature and you can attack with a bunch of 2/2 lands. The sucky part is now your lands can die. So turn 6 you can deal 10 damage, but you can also lose those nice lands.


– Next we have Ember Swallower. This guy is pretty awesome when you buff him to a 7/8 creatures on turn 7. Also if he manages to die you can destroy 3 lands of yours and your opponents. This will be another great card for land destro decks as we haven’t had any in awhile.


– Thirdly we have the new flying demon card for black called Abhorrent Overlord. This guy is going to make Liliana of the Dark Realms players so much more powerful. Just throw this guy out and create an armory of 1/1 token flying harpies. Its going to be doing a lot of damage. Plus he is a 6/6 flyer.


– The fourth reveal is the blue Shipbreaker Kraken. This guy is going to be a 10/10 on turn 8 if you are just putting lands down. This awesome part is when you do buff him you get to tap 4 of your opponents creatures as long as he is alive. That is going to be a fun damage card.


– The second to last is Celestial Archon. This card allows you to either bring out a 4/4 flying first strike creature, or spend 7 and buff a creature with flying, first strike, and +4/+4. This is my least favorite of all the cards in this reveal as its damage just doesnt seem high enough nor does its buff.

– Finally we have the new Legendary Enchantment Creature God, Thassa, God of the Sea. This card starts off being only 3 to get out for an indestructible creature. You must wait until you have 5 blue mana on the board before you can turn her into a creature. Next you get to scry one card, which means you can look at the next card you are going to be drawing on your next turn. Finally the big one is you can spend 2 mana and make any creature un-blockable you decide. This card is going to be awesome for green blue decks that want to do a ton of damage with one large mob.

That is it for today’s reveal for Theros. Keep coming back everyday for more contests, reveals, and all other MTG related things.

Theros Spoilers 8-11-2013

One new theros spoiler came out, now this one is not 100% confirmed but it seems pretty likely. Its from someone over at and it comes from his “reputable source”. It is the reveal for what Polukranos, World Eater. If the actual card is different we of course will change it, but for now enjoy the speculation of the latest hydra creature.

Theros Spoilers – 7-20-2013

The new Theros set has been released. This set they have stated will have a focus on enchantments, legendary creatures, multicolored cards, and the new feature which are heroes. Its not 100% how they are going to work but here are some hero cards and a elite creature type, which may or may not be used in conjunction with heroes. I’m thinking it will act somewhat like commanders do and have an off spin where you can kill the heroes or buff them somehow.