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M14 Booster Generator and Sealed Box Generator Available

The people over at zfire have created a cool new booster simulator for those planning on doing some sealed drafts or just want to test our their luck with all the upcoming cards. You can either view every card in the set, have a random booster generated for you, or set up a sealed box environment by select x boosters to draw. Its a great way to prepare for some FNM fun or just playing with friends.

Here is a direct link

M14 Spoilers 7-5-2013

Todays M14 spoilers are out. The worst part is card 118 is just a simple uncommon and not the thoughtsieze card everyone was hoping for. Some key cards from today’s spoilers are “encroaching wastes” as you have a viable land destruction deck in the making. Also Gladecover scout is another great hexproof creature.

M14 Spoilers 7-4-2013

Here are M14 Spoilers for July 4th 2013. The big card in this release is going to be imposing sovereign. This is a great card for control decks. Seems to be green and white decks are going to be enjoying themselves soon.

M14 Spoilers 7-2-2013

Here are M14 Spoilers for July 2nd 2013. Highlights of this spoiler are: First you have a new garruk which has a pretty great for combos. You can use your 6 cost to get out a pretty amazing creature card in your hand or help you find one to cast. The next big thing has to be Dark Prophecy. This is the dream card for zombie/res decks. Its going to make those speed decks all the more deadly. Finally you have the crazy bogbrew witch combo. You use the witch to bring out both the bubbling cauldron and festering newt. Then with those you can start dealing damage to other oppenents, gaining life for yourself, and giving -1/-1 or -4/-4 to creatures. Read the cards for more insight to how this fun combo works. Black seems to be the testing color for a bunch of new combo cards with M14.