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It’s a Conspiracy! 2-12-2014

Wizards has released a special Conspiracy related post with an update to the art of Cogwork Librarian! The post simply states to check to back Thursday Feb. 13th for a full translation and only gives up snipets of speculative information. Excerpt from the post:

Yzr Wttu: Jgxox: Rqx Nqqnvxdlp–Vvdpvzxvah

Tpkkxy ec Irxyq: 210
Xzjntzu Agkk: Eswx 6, 2014
Zcpnx-Suqzvx Vzkkllfgkojl: LGZ
Zrgcmlh Egjnoyp: #FAWZTJ
Oigcbhb Zueiznc tut Dgdk Ycbbnd: Pnrci Kjbu (bbgu), Jvl Qxsbxtu, Jvtrw Okjvykmwb, Dldkkkn Iypel, qkj Dgor Ctiqh”

The whole posting is in a garbled type like this, however one could speculate this information here is the amount of cards in the set, the release date and possibly some artists? We will be following this post as Wizards brings us more information regarding Conspiracy. Thanks again and check back for big updates! The full coded article can be found here.