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Born of the Gods Launch Weekend! 2-7-2014

Born of the Gods is officially here as we set into the weekend! After a successful pre-release event Feb 1st – 2nd Wizards is here again with the launch weekend event for Born of the Gods. Similar to the pre-release events players and LGS participating in the event will have a chance to solve puzzles and claim a new hero card. The hero cards have codes on the back face the can be entered at the Planeswalker Points player site. Pictured above is The Explorer, part of “Quest 5” in the Born of the Gods event. Good luck!

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Event Deck “Underworld Herald” Decklist Released 2-5-2014

Today wizards released the decklist for its new Born of the Gods event deck “Underworld Herald”. Underworld Herald is a black deck centered around using a variety of mechanics such as bestow, unleash and devotion from the current block in deadly combination. Noted mechanics were the decks use of heavy hitter Unleash creatures for a quick offensive, rounded out with Devotion and Enchantment creatures as a solid backup plan. Check back for more Born of the Gods Updates Event Deck updates.