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Born of the Gods

Born of the gods is the latest for the Theros set. This time around new dual colored gods and creatures that give and remove abilities are added. Read below to see all the key features for Born of the Gods.


Gain life by untapping creatures and other cards.


Force your opponents to pay the extra cost or someone suffers the consequences.


Your cards change depending on the amount of a certain casting cost you control on the battlefield.


Cast creature cards as an enchantment instead of a creature by paying the bestow cost. When the enchanted creature dies, the enchantment will revert back to its creature state.


5 new gods show for Born of the Gods. Each god is dual colored and change based on your devotion. Plus all gods in this set are indestructible.


Look at the next card on your deck and either keep it or put it at the bottom of your deck.


When spells are cast that target a specific card new actions happen.


Special new creatures that grant an ability of one type and remove an ability of another type.

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