Born of the Gods Update and Pro Tour 2-19-2014

As a small update to the site you can see we removed some elements to clean up the front page and updated the Mythic Rare and Rare prices for Born of the Gods. Theros card prices and Booster Box / Pack links will also be input shortly as we strive to complete each set.


Also as a reminder the Born of the Gods Pro Tour is set to start tomorrow in Valencia, Spain. Formats are set to include Modern and Born of the Gods / Theros draft events. The three day event will conclude with the Modern Top 8 in final match ups. Matches are set to start at 9am Fri – Sat and 10am Sun, Valencia time (12am PST – 3am EST). As well to let everyone if you are interested in catching the event you can head over to and find a stream or two going on.

Offical Link to Born of the Gods Pro Tour Valencia, Spain Info: Click!