Born of the Gods Spoilers 1-11-2013

Here are the Born of the Gods spoilers for January 11th, 2014. This is a big update as every card in today’s is a rare. First is silent sentinel which is going to be fun for enchantment decks of course, next is Arbiter of the ideal which going to be a fun card to play around with in blue decks. Thirdly you have the eater of hope which can work well in regen decks. Next you have Forgestrker Dragon which is a fun card that allows you to not only deal direct damage to creatures but you can stop them from blocking. Finally we had Nessian Wilds Ravager which is my second favorite only to Ariber of the Ideal. Nessian is one of the new tribute cards that is a lose lose situation for your opponents. Either they allow him to be a 12/12 monster or you allow him to fight any other creature. Its going to cause some damage.