Born of the Gods Game Day Event 2-27-2014

This is just a reminder that the Game Day Events for Born of the Gods “The Heroes Path” will be taking place March 1-2, 2014. To participate in this event all you need to do is head down to your local MTG shop with your Standard Format deck and carefully chosen Hero cards from previous events. There will be a Standard Format tournament taking place so remember that the current Block is Return to Ravnica – Born of the Gods.

The Challenge at this event will be the Battle the Horde Challenge Deck, players are encouraged to bring all Hero cards they have earned to see which ones will fare the best! There is no set time that you need to challenge Battle the Horde and may be done at your leisure during the event. Defeating the Deck will earn players their sixth Hero card. Also while supplies last players heading to the Game Day event will receive full-art promo cards. The Top 8 of the Standard tournament will receive additional full-art Foil promo cards. Wizards also noted that even if the store running the tournament only has a Top 4, the Top 8 should still receive the Foil Promo cards.

Thanks again everyone and for more information please call your local store!
Information on The Heroes Path can be found here: Click!